About Us

I established CM Motorsport back in 2001 when I first started out in motorsport at Autograss Racing. After a very successful period in the Autograss I decided to try my hand at Circuit Racing our equivalent of Touring Car Racing which was run by SWRC promotions, it again proved to be a very successful move and so after a couple of seasons there I decided I would move on to the relatively new Alltrack Rally Sprint Championship which was the next biggest craze to sweep Northern Ireland, we have been competing there since. Last year we had the opportunity to compete in the Stockcar world at the Aghadowey Stockcar Stadium in a 2ltr ORC Lighting Rod which again proved to be a success.

In all the different forms of motorsport I have entered I have always been able to competed at the highest levels and in the majority of cases I’ve been able to secure the Championships I have competed in. I rely very heavily on the help of our dedicated team of guys, supporters, sponsors and family to continue to compete at these levels, it couldn’t be done without everyone’s input.

At present we offer the opportunity for people to hire out a 1200cc Vauxhall Corsa Rally Car for the day at the Alltrack Rally Sprints, this will enable people to get a taste for the sport and sample it before they go out and buy a car. There are various packages available so please contact us to get the package that suits you best. We also hope in the not to distant future to be able to offer a ride in the passenger seat of our RWD Mk2 Escort for Birthday / Christmas presents.


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