Hire A Rally Car

Hiring a Rally / Sprint Car for the day has never been easier or more accessible. We are offering the chance for any budding rally drivers to get behind the wheel of our 1200cc Vauxhall Corsa and actually compete in a proper organised event at The Rallysports Association Events held at Aghadowey, Moneyglass, Bishopscourt, Bluestone and Whiteriver Park, Co Louth.

There has always been a buzz about rally events with people keen to know how to get into the sport, now here’s your chance!!

We offer a basic package at £180.00 or £200 to include your fuel.

This covers the hire of the car for the day and the usage of tyres. We will also supply spare wheels, tyres, oil & water.

At a further cost we can add other useful services such as supplying fuel, spare parts (should anything go wrong), organising your entry for the day, toeing the car to the event and supplying a man for the day to do the basic jobs and look after the car, basically all you have to do is turn up and drive.

We have designed the packages around careful driving and we try to promote that, while you are there to have fun and drive the car hard, respect also has to be shown for the car and parts, this is a very important point to remember when getting into rallying… You have to be able to finish, if not the sport can become extremely expensive.

On booking the car for the event a £100 deposit (refundable) will be taken, any damage cause during the event or parts used due to careless driving will be deducted from the initial deposit and the remainder returned.

Motorsport is a wonderful sport its exciting, fast and furious, with a wonderful community of people and its only a phone call away, so get started and we will see you at the start line!!!

All hiring parties do so at there own risk and will be asked to sign a disclaimer before they leave for an event. In the event of the car being totalled both parties will agree a price for the car and the hiring party will pay that in full.

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