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Our next event is at Aghadowey on the 3rd December and entries are now available. We have seriously improved the stage standards at Aghadowey by laying some new tarmac, filling holes and removing the rough tarmac islands in the ‘off track’ sections and this also now gives us many more stage options to choose.  These stages are now suitable for race as well as rally cars and we welcome entries from the RT 2000 Cars, Puntos, Buggies and the new competitors that have taken part with us at the Whiteriver Park events in November.

We would like to thank everyone whether you were a driver, co driver, crew member or spectator that made the November events at Whiteriver Park such a great success and we look forward to providing more events for you back there in 2012.

Please keep in touch with us for details.       

To phone us use:               

Northern phones    028 38 33 19 19       

Southern phones 048 38 33 19 19


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