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SWRC are committed to bringing back a low budget circuit racing series.

With so much interest from a wide variety of machinery, we aim to be
running 3 divisions from the very first day.

* Touring Cars … Standard cars with very limited Mod’s
* GT-Modified … Modified & High Performance cars
* Open Class … Space Frame, Open Wheel

To start with we will be running a 4 round Winter Series, alongside the  Drifting at Bishops Court. Annually we expect to run 8 – 10 race events,
extending to other venues as the Series becomes established in its own  right.

Entry fees at Bishops Court will be just £50. For this drivers can  expect:

Practice + 2 Heats + Final.

This entry fee also allows drivers the option to take part in Track Day sessions and even Drift sessions.



The Reg’s outlined below are for the TOURING CAR class. The safety  requirements listed extend to all other divisions. Any typical GTi would be
ideal for this class. Already drivers have begun obtaining an interesting variety of machinery that will lead to some very close racing.

With cars such as the BMW E36 325i now obtainable for as little as £500, the potential for this budget class seems boundless. Coupled with the extremely
low running costs (EG: tyres last for months rather than minutes!) we believe that a revival of low budget circuit racing is very timely.

We invite enquiries on any aspect of this new racing series. Your calls, emails or texts are very welcome!”

If any questions arise in relation to this subject, please feel free to ask.

I can be reached directly on or on 07791 976672



SWRC – Circuit Racing Regulations


In addition to the racing classes defined in these regulations, it remains our goal to add more classes as soon as entry numbers  permit. If you find that your car falls outside of these regulations, please contact SWRC to discuss how we might best accommodate you. Our desire is to include you, not exclude you. We will endeavour to make low cost motor racing to enthusiasts from a variety of
motor sport backgrounds.

TOURING CAR Class - Circuit Racing Reg’s 2011/2012

Eligible cars are only those models manufactured from 1991 – 2001

Cars older than 1991 are eligible as long as that engine, gearbox and chassis combination are still in production between ’91 – ‘01. Cars younger than 2001
are also made eligible by applying similar guidelines.



  • NA engines only, up to 3500cc. Motorbike / bike derived engines excluded.
  • No engine transplants / conversions
  • Car must retain original Engine & Gearbox layout and configuration


These Reg’s are intended to define ONE racing class, with no separate divisions. The following figures are based upon manufacturers’ figures and do
not include any gains from permitted modifications. These restrictions will help to ensure that a variety of cars can be competitive, rather than having one car dominant over all others:


  • Engines up to 1800cc limited to 110 Bhp / Litre
  • 1801cc to 2200cc limited to 100 Bhp / Litre
  • 2201cc to 2500cc limited to 80 Bhp / Litre
  • 2501cc to 3500cc limited to 72 Bhp / Litre


  • Cylinder Head ports may be ‘Gas Flowed’ or ‘Ported’. Standard OE valves and cams
  • No other Internal modifications
  • External modifications limited to – Full exhaust system (min 1 silencer) & aftermarket ECU
  • Standard sized OE throttle body. May not be oversized.



  • 2wd Cars only
  • Gearbox & Internals must be standard production items as supplied by the vehicle manufacturer
  • It is permitted to fit a Non-Standard / After-Market Differential



  • Aftermarket shock absorbers and springs may be fitted
  • Adjustable top mounts also permitted



  • Friction material and discs may be upgraded
  • Standard OE callipers must be retained
  • Adjustable bias valves may be fitted



  • All tyres must be intended for road driving, up to and including ‘R’ rated tyres
  • Recommended tyres are Toyo Proxes R888, Yokohama A048R
  • Competition / Rally / Racing slicks, cut slicks are NOT permitted
  • For clarification on the eligibility on any particular tyre, please contact SWRC
  • Wheels & tyres must not extend beyond the body line of the car



  • Composite body excluded. Space frame chassis excluded
  • All body panels must be original gauge material
  • Wheel arch extensions are not permitted
  • Wheels & tyres must not extend beyond the body line of the car
  • Body kits and aerodynamic aids are permitted, provided the rules above are adhered to


SAFETY – Minimum Requirements (CAR)

  • 4 point racing harness seatbelts (Non inertia reel type)
  • Racing seat of Fixed back design
  • A fire extinguisher (at least 1Kg) should be installed in an unlocked portion of the cabin, secured in an approved manner and be in full working order.
  • Full 6-point roll cage, including diagonal brace and a single door bar on each side
  • ‘Dash Dodger’ or ‘Road Cages’ are not permitted
  • Roll Cages should be constructed from:

CDS Tubing – Min: 38mm OD x 3mm _____ Mild Steel Pipe – Min: 42mm OD x 3mm

  • It is recommended to replace side and rear windows with lexan polycarbonate
  • Lexan must be clear (not tinted) and of minimum 3mm thickness


SAFETY – Minimum Requirements (DRIVER)

  • A Race Suit made of fire retardant material. Minimum single layer
  • Fire resistant gloves and shoes are recommended
  • Crash helmet (British Standard – BS6658:1985, Type A)


GT-MODIFIED Class - Circuit Racing Reg’s 2011/2012

Cars eligible for this class are those that fall outside of the Touring Car class. This is a class for High Performance vehicles. The only restrictions are listed below:



  • Wheels & tyres must not extend beyond the body line of the car



  • Body kits and aerodynamic aids are permitted, provided the rules above are adhered to


SAFETY – Minimum Requirements (CAR) – As Touring Car Class

SAFETY – Minimum Requirements (DRIVER) – As Touring Car Class.


The Classes we currently run are:                     TOURING CAR            GT-MODIFIED

New next classes that we hope to add are:


* The T-16 Class is for cars up to 1600cc NA and based on the Touring Car Reg’s. This class will come to life as soon as there are sufficient entries to justify a new division. Until then we would encourage drivers with cars eligible for this class to come along and race with the bigger cars. This is the only way we can be sure that the demand is there. You might even surprise yourself with how competitive you can be!


GT16                  2wd cars up to 1600cc NA, modified beyond the restrictions for the 1600 Touring Car class (T-16)

* GT2 __ * GT1 __ As soon as the demand exists we will define separate divisions for 2wd, 4wd, NA, Turbo cars.

* The OPEN Class is as the name suggests, a class open to all manner of competition cars including open wheeled, purpose built racing cars. This should result in some very entertaining dices!



Incidentally, I personally have bought 2 x MR2?s for the Touring Car class. Both are available for sale to be raced in our series . These will range from approx £1k – £1.5k race ready. Please ring me for details 0044 – 7791 – 976672

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