SWRC Update – Exciting New Race Series to Start 06/11/2011

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BISHOPS COURT – SUN 6TH NOV (Round 1 of 4)

Firstly, congratulations to each of the winners from the 2011 Championships, listed below. Other notable success stories are the new ‘King of the Court’ Clifford Gordon and also, back from beyond with a great triumph at NITRO FESTIVAL (Letterkenny) was UDC veteran and former title contender, Damian McBride.


 2011 CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS:              

Ulster Drift Championship                                                    Irish Drag Racing Championship

Seamus McCooey      S14 Silvia                                              OVERALL Bikes: Karol Davern -  Spondon


Robert Barnett          BMW RB-325Ti                                  Cars: 1st Ricky Boyd - Evo

Duane McKeever       RB-180sx                                               2nd Anthony Owens - Clio


SWRC Race Series: The long anticipated return of low budget circuit racing is finally upon us! This time we are back with new classes (2 initially, expecting to add more soon) and a fresh approach. Originally we intended to only run one class but fans of low cost motorsport far and wide sought us out. So in an effort to provide a day’s craic for people of like minds but with diverse machinery, we are making our ‘OPEN Class’ available to a wide range of vehicles. Basically, if it has 4 wheels, is safe, looks good and goes well then it is eligible to race.


  • Full details can be found on our website:       www.SIDEWAYS-RACING.com
  • Alternatively, regulations will be available at Bishops Court from our very first event on Sun 6th Nov.
  • The Racing Series is also open to our Drifters (those with fully prep’d cars, roll cage, etc)…
  • For any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us. Details below


Winter Series Drifting: With this year’s Winter Series we will endeavor to provide our loyal petrol headed followers with more of what they crave… loads of TRACK TIME and loads of TWIN DRIFTING.


To free up a lot of time in the schedule we have loosened up on the structure. To enable us to do so we have decided to run the Winter Series as purely ‘FUN’ events. Ie, whilst there will be an abundance of twin drifting / battles, there will not be any official competition. As a result of this, we can provide everyone with even more track time and in a fun, relaxed environment. Exactly what the off-season should be like. This will enable drivers to pair up against anyone they like, as many times as they like, without being knocked out of a Top 16 elimination tournament.


Of course drivers do not HAVE to twin drift. Drivers new to the sport are equally as welcome to do solo runs, to hone their skills without having to lead or closely follow another car. The minimum car requirement for participation in these Drift Sessions is simply a harness seatbelt for driver and passenger.



 WINTER SERIES Dates (Bishops Court)                                                                              

Race Entry fee – £50,                                      Drift Entry Fee – £50,                                     Race + Drift –  £80

  Sun 6th Nov – SWRC Race Series & Amateur Drifting (Test Sessions from 10am)                       

  Sun 4th Dec              Mon 2nd Jan (Provisional)             Sun 5th Feb                            

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